Jewellery Retail Sales Professional

Designed for professionals, the JRSP program covers essential information about Gold jewellery, Diamonds and Other precious metal features that will help you answer customer questions with confidence and poise.

Basic Gemmology

We also train people to match with the science of dealing with natural and artificial gemstone materials. We make them as trained professionals in gemmology and qualify them to identify and evaluate gems.

Appraiser Training

We train into professional on the area of Jewel Appraising, Loan Calculations of Jewels, Interest Amount Calculations for Jewel Loans according to the need of Government Banking, Private Banking Sectors and also Private Finance Sectors.

People who Raised and Supports

me through out my career

Mr. G.R Anandha Padpanampan

Jewellery industry legend travel my career 2006 to 2011 inspiration person MD GRT Thangamaligai

Mr. N.P.R Dhandapani

Goldsmith legend impressed person my career

Mr. S. Mahaveer Channd Bothra

Diamond industry legend my career 2001 to till date motivated, teaching & supported person. Me and My family MD Whitefire diamond india Pvt Ltd

Mr. KVKR. Prapakaran

Best adviser and well wisher supported my career 2011 to till date MD Sri Jayaprapha Jewellers Madurai

Mr. C. Umapathi

Goldsmith legend & opportunity supporter my career 2012 to till date MD Viswakarma Skills my technology team

Mr. N. Poonmani

Goldsmith legend Guinness record genius impressed person my career 2012 to till date

Mr. Ganesh Subramaniyam

Goldsmith legend impressed person my career
Created: Race for Life (Sperm race inside a needle hole and Human race on top of a needle hole..!!)

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Mr. Balasubramani

Goldsmith legend especially nagas work impressed person my career 2012 to till date

Mr. Gopalakrishnan

REGISTERED Valuer ROC No: 10507/2006/D-2/25-3-2006, Appraiser Indian Bank, Govt of India (Panel), Govt.Recognized Jewel Appraiser & Auctioneer, Goldsmith Skills Development Facility, Gem & Jewelery Institute

Mr. M.E. Manian

Our Goldsmith technical teacher & Jewell auctioneer my team 2012 to till date

Mr. Arumugam

Impressed person my career goldsmith technical teacher our team 2015 to till date

Mrs. V. Sivaranjani

20 January 2008 we got married, She worked as assistant diamond section in charge at GRT Thanga Maligai from 2008 to 2011, 2011 to 2014 White Fire Diamond exhibition promoter counter sales, diamond & platinum jewellery skill trainer in theni & madurai district jewellery shop. 2014 SVS Manpower agency director till date, 2016 to till date State Bank of India appraiser

My Advocate Associate

Since 2011 best advaiser opertunitty supporter well-wisher and good friends my carrier